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Should You Only Drink Water?

What will happen if you drink water as your only source of  liquid? Things like stomach pains, heart issues, body fat, skin disorders and many other health problems might be the result of eating high-sugar fizzy drinks. If you don’t want to experience any of these health issues,  skip these drinks with… WATER Continue watching […]

Is Your Well Water Really Safe?

When I read this story I immediately thought about just how vulnerable well owners are about having their well water contaminated by decisions out of their control. In this case the head of North Carolina Department of Health and Human Services’ (DHHS) toxicology area, Dr. Megan Davies, resigned after eight years in the position. Her resignation […]

The Shocking Truth About City Water

Municipal water companies need to dose the water with a disinfectant that kills pathogenic bacteria such as e-coli—usually it’s chlorine or chlorine mixed with small amounts of ammonia which react to form chloramine (also called combined chlorine). The Environmental Protection Agency requires that a some of the disinfectant, called a “residual”, remain in the water as it’s […]