Compliance vs. Informational Testing


When you decide you want to have your drinking water tested by a professional laboratory, it is important to consider your needs for the test including how you will use the test results.

Drinking Water Specialists only performs Informational water testing.

If a regulatory agency is requiring the test or you need to use the results in a court of law, then you need Compliance Testing which normally means testing by a lab certified for such testing in your state.

If the test is being used to help you better understand the quality of your drinking water so you can apply the correct water treatment system, then you only need Informational Testing, which is what Drinking Water Specialists offers.

In both cases, the lab you select should be testing your drinking water according to the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) testing methods. That way, you can be assured that the analysis is accurate and that you can rely on the results.

So, what’s the difference?

Compliance testing requires that the lab performing the tests be certified in the state where the customer’s water is being drawn by the agency in that state responsible for certification. Each state has its own requirements regarding certification. The certification process is an on-going one and is costly for the lab. Be aware that not all labs are certified for all parameters you need tested. In addition, extensive and costly paper trails that must be documented to show that the testing procedures followed the exact methods required by the EPA. This process is called the chain of custody, and not only requires the paper trail, but also requires the lab to send out a certified technician to draw the water samples and personally transport them to the lab. This is a significant cost to the lab which is passed on to the customer.

It is not unusual for the compliance test to cost anywhere from 2 to 5 times more than an informational test of the very same parameters using the very same EPA testing methods.

Informational testing is the right choice if you do not need to meet any agency requirements or when the results will not be used in a court of law. This type of testing is perfect for homeowners and businesses who want to take control of their drinking by monitoring its quality on a periodic basis. Normally, the testing lab supplies you with the water vials and all of the necessary packaging so you can draw your own water samples and return them to their lab. Once the water samples have been tested and the quality determined, it is then possible to treat the water for specific issues. This results in delivering high quality drinking water without overspending on water treatment systems.

It is very important that you select a laboratory that not only has highly experienced scientists and technicians who use the same EPA testing methods whether they are performing certified or informational testing. The only difference to you is that for the informational testing, they are not injecting the costly certification requirements. The test results are going to be the same, but the cost to you will significantly less.

Drinking Water Specialists only performs Informational Testing. But, it is conducted in the very same lab that also conducts in-state certified testing using the very same testing methods and equipment.Drinking Water Specialists uses EPA testing methods to test your drinking water, so you can be assured the results are accurate and reflect the quality of your drinking at the time it was received by our lab.