This is a Great Baseline Water Test for Well Owners

DWS Well Water Test

This is a Great Baseline Water Test for Well Owners

Accurate Well Water Testing by Professionals

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In addition to the standard parameters tested for in the DWS City Water Test, this test includes a special test for a slime-forming bacteria called ‘iron-related bacteria’ that may be present in your well. This test includes 7 to 12 days of observation by a lab technician.

WHY is This Important to you?

Because these bacteria can build up on your water pipes, filters, and water softener that can block the flow of water. Also, they can form a sulfur gas that smells like rotten eggs.

The DWS Well Water Test tests for those contaminants most often cited as being related to health-related issues. In addition to testing for pathogenic bacteria, the DWS Water Test also includes testing for essential elements, heavy metals, inorganic chemicals, volatile organic compounds, PCBs and pesticides—contaminants such as nitrates, lead, mercury, MTBE, arsenic, benzene, THMs, DDT, and many more.

We test for at least 201 targeted contaminants


…If the volatile organic testing performed on our mass spectrometer identifies the spectra of what are called ‘non-targeted’ compounds, we then conduct a search for the next 50 un-targeted compounds if they are present. We do this by matching the non-targeted spectra against a database of about 250,000 compounds published by the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST)2.

That means our DWS Well Water Test evaluates your drinking water for at least 201 targeted contaminants PLUS a library search, if warranted, for up to 50 additional non-targeted contaminants…

All from one cost-effective water test.

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The main difference between our mail-order testing service and State or County certified testing is that the latter requires laboratory qualified personnel to physically collect the sample from the source being tested. That’s it!