Health Issues and Well Water

Well Owners: Contaminants in your well water may lead to health issues like neurological disorders, gastrointestinal illness, and reproductive problems.


Steve Earley | The Virginian-Pilot

More vulnerable members of your family like the elderly, infants and pregnant women are especially at risk.

We continue to harp on well owners that you are responsible for testing and maintaining the quality of your drinking water.

Here’s an article  put out by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) that harps on the same subject:

I urge you to read the article and and then get your water tested. You need to make sure your well water is the highest quality possible. It’s actually very easy and doesn’t cost an arm-and-leg to do.

CDC Well Water Article Don’t assume there’s not a problem just because there’s no unusual illness in your family or you don’t see or smell anything unusual in your water.

We’ve spent a lot of time coming up with a water test for the key contaminants that can affect your health. Our lab director has tested over 60,000 wells over 30 years as a lab director.  Using his extensive scientific background, he has identified exactly which contaminants need to be tested in order to give the well owner the information they need to keep their well water safe for their family.

What we’ve come up with is to test for  a list of essential indicators–those contaminants that, if found to be at a high level, can be easily treated. And, once these contaminants have been treated, other related contaminants will also respond to the same treatment.

Why is that important?

Because it reduces the total number of contaminants that to be explicitly tested and, therefore, makes the test very affordable while giving the well owner the information they need to make their well water safe.

Even the state with the most stringent regulations for well water testing. New Jersey, uses the ‘essential indicators’ model when a well needs to be tested if a house is sold.

No other mail-order lab we know does this.

Read more about essential indicators testing and learn why it’s the best choice.

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