South Carolina Well Water Testing Following Devastating Floods


Following the devastating floods in South Carolina this past week, the South Carolina Department of Health & Environmental Control is providing water testing for private well owners.

The S.C. DHEC will test the well water for fecal coliform bacteria to make sure the water is safe to drink.

This is really important and every well owner, no matter where they live in the country, needs to have this test performed if their property and the surrounding area has been flooded.

As the S.C. DHEC says…


In addition to having their well water tested for fecal coliform bacteria, well owners are also being advised to disinfect their wells. And, following the disinfection, they are advised to test their water before using it if it does not taste, smell or look like it did before the flooding began.

After reading this news, we decided to try to help the affected well owners in South Carolina.

We offer a kit that contains everything a well owner needs to disinfect their well. This includes the shock treatment, chlorine test strips, self-test kits for bacteria, ph test strips, written instructions and access to an on-line video that walks the well owner through the steps. There is enough shock treatment, test strips and self-bacteria test kits for a repeat disinfection should the first treatment not completely solve the problem.

This well disinfection kit, called the Well Water Wellness Kit, sells today for $79 including shipping within the U.S. But, if you are a well owner in South Carolina, we want to help you even more because of the extent of the problem. We are offering you a discount code that brings the price down to $69. We will keep this offer open through the month of November, 2015.

To take advantage of this special offer, go to When you click through to the order page, there is a place for you to put in a coupon code. The coupon code to put in is ‘SCFLOODS’ (without the quote marks).

If you have any questions, please post them here in the comments section, or call us 805.39.WATER (805.399.2837)

You can read the article here.

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