Space Age Water Testing?

Here’s a story that I find fascinating…

NASA Waer Test

John Feighery, co-founder of mWater. Credit: mWater

Imagine being able to test water in parts of the world where temperatures are above 77 degrees–like Africa and Asia. And at a relatively inexpensive price point. No expensive lab equipment or other heavy materials to carry into remote area. Plus, it can be used in places where live now.

The results of the tests are uploaded to a database. The database contains GPS information. Then, using a smartphone app, you are able to check the database for safety based on your current location.

It looks like this may be possible at some point down the road. Beta testing is going on right now.

According to this article, technology developed for NASA’s Space Station is being re-purposed for to map the quality of water around the world.

The water is incubated at ambient temperatures. After the incubation period, the water is photographed and uploaded to the database where it is categorized and made available to the smartphone app.


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