Walton County FL: Private Well Water Contamination

florida-floodsDue to the recent floods in Walton County FL, the County Health Department is urging well owners to decontaminate their water. This is especially important if you use your well water for drinking, cleaning dishes, washing food or brushing your teeth.

You should boil the water for at least a minute to be sure that the health-related contaminants have been destroyed. You can also disinfect the water by adding 8 drops of unscented household bleach to each gallon of water. Let the bleach stand in the water for about 30 minutes. If it’s clear at the end of that time, it’s safe—however, if it’s cloudy you need to repeat the dosing.

Once the flood waters have receded, the Health Department recommends that well owners disinfect their wells. We think that is the right next step.

If you are like most well owners, you will either toss some bleach down into your wellhead or you’ll hire someone to do it for you…

BEWARE: taking either of these options will more than likely NOT get rid of the pathogens and other contaminants. That’s because bleach does not contain enough chlorine to attack the pathogens floating in the water. Most of the bleach will attack other organic material first, such as leaves and other visible debris. There won’t be enough chlorine to attack the free bacteria floating in the water.

We have prepared a short video that explains the science behind chlorinating a well. Even the well ‘experts’ do not really understand the science behind chlorinating a well. You can watch the video by going to this link:


If you want to read the original article just follow this link:

Walton County Flooding

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