Well water concerns officials

Bacteria CellsThe are many areas in the midwest part of the U.S. that have a heavy concentration of farms and mines. In these areas, health officials are saying that groundwater is likely to be compromised.

They are finding lead and cadmium in areas where they find mine tailing waste. In other areas they are finding solvents used in aeronautics maintenance.

Farming areas where spraying for insects and weeds is common can also have an adverse effect on private wells.

These health officials strongly recommend having well water tested for e coli and coliform once a year. They also recommend testing for metal contamination in well water on an annual basis.

You can read the original article here: http://goo.gl/IuoU57

We designed a water test primarily for well owners at price that encourages well owner to have their water tested annually as recommended by health officials. You can learn more at DrinkingWaterSpecialists.com/bfb

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    • admin
      admin says:

      For sure Todd! I’m seeing more and more state and local health officials proactively jumping in to educate well owners about the need for them to monitor the health and quality of their well water. Just because their well water look clean and doesn’t smell, is not a fail-safe way to know if your water is good for you or not. Many of the ‘bad guys’ in their water hide themselves very well.

    • Mike Beek
      Mike Beek says:

      Point well taken Jonson. In fact, I have a point-of-use filter for our kitchen faucet even though we are on municipal water. That’s because I like my coffee and the bread dough I make from scratch to be free of the additives put into the water by the water company.

      If your water test shows that your drinking water is safe to drink, then you should only need a good quality carbon filter to remove those additives. Here’s a filter that can be connected directly into the same cold-water line that connects to your faucet so you don’t have to install separate faucet: http://drinkingwaterspecialists.com/essential-max-flow-water-filter/

      Of course there are many, many carbon filters on the market. Just make sure you follow the manufacturer’s recommendation for replacing the filter.

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