Private Well Owners | Drinking Water in New England | US EPA

The EPA recently put out a special notice targeted at well owners in New England. It urged them to have their water tested now because there may be problems with the quality of their water.

In the notice, whose link is below, they recommend that well owners get their water tested specifically for methyl-tertiary-butyl ether (MtBE), radon and arsenic. We also believe you should be testing for other potential contaminants including bacteria, essential metals, heavy metals, inorganic chemicals, and volatile organic compounds (VOC).

We agree with this because neither the state nor the federal government control the quality of well water. It’s up to the homeowner to have their water tested and treat any problems themselves.

In addition to testing their water, well owners should also be sanitizing their wells on a periodic basis to keep bacteria levels below levels where they can either be harmful or can clog filters and give off foul odors.

You can learn more about both the testing and the sanitizing at

Here’s the link to the EPA notice for New England well owners:

Private Well Owners | Drinking Water in New England | US EPA.