Well water concerns officials

Bacteria CellsThe are many areas in the midwest part of the U.S. that have a heavy concentration of farms and mines. In these areas, health officials are saying that groundwater is likely to be compromised.

They are finding lead and cadmium in areas where they find mine tailing waste. In other areas they are finding solvents used in aeronautics maintenance.

Farming areas where spraying for insects and weeds is common can also have an adverse effect on private wells.

These health officials strongly recommend having well water tested for e coli and coliform once a year. They also recommend testing for metal contamination in well water on an annual basis.

You can read the original article here: http://goo.gl/IuoU57

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Pipeline Construction: What it Means for Water Supply

gas pipeline affects well water


Virginia’s state department of health gets it…

They’re telling well owners that the natural gas pipelines coming through their area may affect the health and quality of their water. That’s because of the blasting being done to lay the pipeline. The shock waves from the blasting could disrupt the ground which, in turn, could affect their well water.

They are urging these well owners to have their water tested to establish a baseline on its quality and safety.

That way, if and when the pipeline company does start blasting, the well owners can periodically have their water tested to see if conditions have changed.

You can read the story posted in wvtf.org web site here: Pipeline Construction: What it Means for Water Supply

To learn more, click on this link:  Well Water Testing.

Do You Drink Tap Water ?

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I don’t see this very often—an article that says it’s OK to drink tap water.

We’ve been saying this forever. After all, the water is tested and treated every day for the bad bacteria. Plus, it contains naturally occurring minerals that are good for you.

You don’t really want to drink water that’s been scrubbed so that there are no minerals left even if the manufacturer adds some of them back in—they’re not naturally in the water. It’s kind of like taking vitamin pills instead of eating foods that naturally contain those same vitamins—it’s much better if you eat the food version than if you take pills.

If you don’t want to drink tap water because it contains chlorine and fluoride (even though most dentists are strongly in favor of this additive for the sake of your kid’s teeth), you can do something about that. You can install an under-counter filter that removes these additives while keeping the healthy things in your drinking water.

I’ve been using an filter like this for years because I want my coffee to free of the ‘flavor’ of chlorine. The same goes for the water I use to make my doughs for pizza, breads, and bagels.

Here’s a great filter that doesn’t require you to install an separate faucet on your counter top. Instead, it connects directly into your cold-water line and comes out of your existing faucet. Plus, it’s designed to not restrict water flow. So you have the best of both worlds.

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Here’s the link to the original article in Loop21: http://goo.gl/doQVbj