Should You Only Drink Water?

youtube.comWhat will happen if you drink water as your only source of  liquid?

Things like stomach pains, heart issues, body fat, skin disorders and many other health problems might be the result of eating high-sugar fizzy drinks.

If you don’t want to experience any of these health issues,  skip these drinks with…


Continue watching the the video to see what will happen if you actually drink only water:

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Is Your Well Water Really Safe?

When I read this story I immediately thought about just how vulnerable well owners are about having their well water contaminated by decisions out of their control.

In this case the head of North Carolina Department of Health and Human Services’ (DHHS) toxicology area, Dr. Megan Davies, resigned after eight years in the position.

Her resignation centered around a report released to the public about the elevated levels of hexavalent chromium in samples taken from well water. This report, and testimony given by one of the toxicologists involving well owners who live near Duke Energy coal ash pond, led the heads of both the DHHS and the Department of Environmental Quality to accuse the toxicologist of misleading the public about the level of contamination.

You can see more details here.

The bottom line of this story is that these department heads and political appointees seem to be protecting the polluters over the welfare of the well owners.