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How Safe is Your City Drinking Water?

'Bang-for-the-Buck' Essential Indicators Water Test

If you are concerned about whether Lead is in your drinking water—we have you covered!

Accurate Drinking Water Testing by Professionals Done Quickly—Normally 6 to 10 Business Days

The “Bang-for-the-Buck” Essential Indicators
City Water Test

Minimum of 149 Targeted Parameters
+ Library Lookup for Non-targeted Volatile Organic Compounds if Present (the Library contains over 250,000 additional compounds!)

For many years now, we’ve been hearing about potential problems with our drinking water.  Here’s what the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has to say about this important issue:

“Every living creature needs clean and safe drinking water.”

Most sources of drinking water are subject to contamination and require appropriate treatment to remove disease-causing contaminants. Contamination of drinking water supplies can occur in the source water as well as in the distribution system after water treatment has already occurred.

The presence of contaminants in water can lead to adverse health effects, including:

  • Gastrointestinal illness,
  • Reproductive problems, and neurological disorders.
  • Infants, young children, pregnant women, the elderly, and people whose immune systems are compromised because of AIDS, chemotherapy, or transplant medication, may be especially susceptible to illness from some contaminants.

You Need to Take Control

If you are on a public water system, special issues can arise caused by—

  • The age of the distribution system
  • The type of plumbing in your house and its age
  • Your location relative to the water line
  • Things out of the control of the public water system such as droughts or floods

Water Testing Can be Costly

When you want to test your drinking water to make sure it’s safe, you’ll either try to test it yourself or find a lab that can do it for you.


If you need a certified lab to perform your testing either because it is required for the sale of a house or because it is for other legal reasons, you need to have your water tested by a lab that is certified in your state or jurisdiction. Drinking Water Specialists ONLY performs Informational testing.

While you can test for some contaminants yourself…

you need to rely on a professional lab to test for volatile organic compounds and non-common toxic metals and other inorganic chemicals.

Most local labs are very qualified to give you accurate results, however…

  • They charge for each contaminant or parameter you want tested.
  • This can cost you several hundred dollars.
  • If you have them come to your property to draw the water samples, it adds to the overall testing cost.

There Has to be a Better Way and There is…

  • Our tests are priced based a fixed set of contaminants or parameters.
  • By standardizing our tests to a specific set of parameters, we save on setup time.
  • As a result, our testing process runs like a well oiled like machine
  • We minimize our overhead because we control the costs.

We pass these savings onto you.

We have highly qualified and experienced lab technicians using state-of-the-art test equipment who have performed over 65,000 drinking water tests. This has enabled us to determine, with a high level of confidence, which parameters in particular have the greatest probability of showing up in drinking water sources. If you have a problem with one of these parameters and you treat for it, you are also treating for other related contaminants that are not explicitly being tested for.

Our ‘Bang-for-the-Buck’ Essential Indicator Water Test, covers at least 149 health-related contaminants known to cause various cancers and damage the nervous and immune systems.

  • 8 Bacteria (you test for bacteria—see why here)
  • 85 Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs)
  • 37 Essential Elements and Heavy Metals &
  • 19 Inorganic Chemicals

City Water Test Parameters

Why did we choose to test for this specific set of parameters, we call “Essential Indicators”?  Learn why by clicking the button below…

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Once you place your order, we ship you a kit that contains water vials and detailed instructions. You simply fill the vials with water and send it back to us using regular mail.

Once we receive your water sample back in our lab it takes about 6 business days to run the battery of tests and email (or fax) the results to you.


You will test for bacteria (CLICK HERE TO LEARN MORE) because it’s a much better way than sending the sample back to the lab for testing—bacteria have a short holding time and are sensitive to changes in temperature. We provide you with a simple way to do this test yourself.

That’s all there is to it!

How much does this cost?

The total cost, including postage both ways*, is only $129


 * shipping only included for continental U.S.; if outside the continental U.S. please inquire about additional cost.

 Truth in Advertising

If the volatile organic testing performed on our mass spectrometer identifies the presence of what are called ‘non-targeted’ compounds, we then conduct a search for these compounds. We do this by matching the non-targeted compounds against a database of over 250,000 compounds published by the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST).

Think of this as a ‘facial recognition’ search where the shape of un-targeted compounds found by the mass spectrometer are compared to those in the library.

That means our “Bang-for-the-Buck” water test evaluates your drinking water for 174 targeted contaminants PLUS a library search, if warranted, for additional non-targeted contaminants.

To be perfectly honest, we very rarely find any non-targeted compounds that warrant a search. That’s why we DO NOT add any of these ‘ghost’ parameters to our total parameter count of 164.

Don’t be fooled by water testing labs that ‘pump up’ the total count of parameters they say they test for by including some arbitrary number of these non-targeted compounds. For instance, say they advertise that they target 170 parameters plus up to 60 non-targeted compounds—they will claim that they test for a total of 230 parameters. We don’t believe this higher number is ‘truth in advertising’ because they never find any of these—and if they do, there will only a couple. Yet, they make you believe they test for all 230. It kind of makes you wonder where else they are stretching the truth…

…And if the price is too good to be true, it probably is. Some online water testing companies are saying they can do tests similar to ours for less than $100. If they are really using EPA testing methods, they are either losing money on each test, or they are not telling you the truth.


The results of the water test ordered from Drinking Water Specialists, LLC is for informational purposes ONLY. While the lab performing the testing does follow USEPA testing methods and is certified by the New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection for performing in-state water testing, the results of our mail-order testing cannot be used for regulatory compliance purposes. One of the main reasons is that we do not have chain-of-custody from the point where the water samples are drawn through to their arrival at our lab.

Return Policy

If you decide you do not want to have your water tested and wish to return the test kit, unopened, within the first 30 days of ordering the test kit, we will refund your purchase price, less a 10% restocking fee.