Tips for Preparing to Start Using a Dormant Well

ajk-1736Because you don’t know what’s been sitting in dormant well, you need to do a few things before you start using the well for drinking, cooking and bathing.

Here are the simple steps:

1. Run the water out of a hose for 24 to 48 hours.

2. Chlorinate the well, preferably with calcium hypochlorite:

a. It’s highly concentrated (65 to 73% chlorine)
b. Granular form is fast dissolving which makes it easier to disperse completely in the well water.
c. It’s more effective when organic matter is present.
d. Has a longer shelf life than other forms of chlorine
Test the pH level of the water before adding the chlorine. If it is above 7, add acid, such as muratic, phosphoric, sulfamic, or sodium bisulfate, to the water. You want to bring the pH down to 6-6.5.
DO NOT CHLORINATE YOUR WELL IF THE pH is below 4 (the water can turn to chlorine gas, which can be dangerous in high concentration).

3. Purge the well again—this time use the spigot off of the pressure tank. Turn the spigot 1/3 the way open. Let it drain for at least 6 to 8 hours.

4. Test for pathogenic bacteria. Also, note if the water emits a Sulphur (rotten egg) smell. If either of these are present, chlorinate the well again, and retest.

5. If the bacteria and/or Sulphur sell is not present, test for chlorine before using for drinking, cooking and bathing.

If you want to know more about the science and techniques behind chlorinating your well, we’ve got a free video that you may want to watch. Just go to this web page and put in your first name and email address and you’ll get immediate access to the video:

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