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..while meeting the water testing required by EWS prior to EWS recommending treatment equipment or options.

Drinking Water Specialists tests drinking water that meets the requirements laid out by EWS before treating drinking water using their water filtration or other treatment products. See the complete list of contaminants we test for.


The Drinking Water Specialists staff has been testing water in our own laboratory for over 50 years. Our laboratory staff is made up of professional chemists, engineers, and microbiologists who have over 80 years of combined laboratory instrumentation, equipment, water supply, and treatment experience.

We analyze your tap water using US EPA testing methods on equipment designed and calibrated to provide accurate results by degreed professionals—not by unqualified personnel using test strips or colorimetric kits which is how some mail-order testing services do this critical testing.

When you order your test, we send you a test kit containing everything you need including instructions, water vials, and a postage-paid return shipping label1 to send the samples back to the lab.

Once your water has been tested, usually in 10 to 15 business days, we will email the results to you.

When you get the report, you will see the analysis of each contaminate being tested and whether that result is within EPA guidelines or not.

You now know whether you have a problem with your drinking water or not; and if you do, you know exactly what the problem is so you can take appropriate steps to rectify it.

“Thank you again for all your help. You folks are wonderful!”

“I wanted to let you know that I truly appreciate your service especially compared to local labs in my area that took forever to just complete a few of the tests that your company offers. I would highly recommend your services to others who are in the market for water testing.”

“Thanks for the good service, I’m glad the test turned out that way, chemical contaminates were a main concern of mine, we are only a few miles from the Fairfield county landfill and the Buckeye aquifer runs through this area. I didn’t know how well they had the bottom sealed. I’ll be using your company in the future and others have asked about your services. ”

What Does this Comprehensive Test Cost?

This comprehensive test  costs only $189…total1 !

You won’t find a better value a nywhere else from a professional lab that conducts its own testing and has been around as long as Drinking Water Specialists. The number of contaminants tested exceeds the number done at this price from any other lab we know about.

Ordering the EWS Water Test

To order the EWS Water Test, simply click the below.

After you place your order, we will send you a shipping kit containing the water vials, registration form for the samples, a pre-paid shipping label, and easy-to-follow instructions.

When you receive the EWS Water Test kit, just fill the water vials with your tap water, fill out the registration form for the samples, re-pack the vials and mail the sample kit back to us. It’s that simple!

After our lab technicians process your samples, we e-mail you a report detailing the results of the testing.

You receive all of this for only $189, including shipping and handling1 Turnaround is approximately 10 to 15 business days from receipt of the sample.

We guarantee your satisfaction or your money back.

 1Return Shipping is not included on orders shipped
outside the Continental US.