DWS Well Water Test

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Accurate Well Water Testing by Professionals

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In addition to the standard parameters tested for in the DWS City Water Test, this test includes a special test for a slime-forming bacteria called ‘iron-related bacteria’ that may be present in your well. This test includes 7 to 12 days of observation by a lab technician.

WHY is This Important to you?

Because these bacteria can build up on your water pipes, filters, and water softener that can block the flow of water. Also, they can form a sulfur gas that smells like rotten eggs.


The DWS Well Water Test tests for those contaminants most often cited as being related to health-related issues. In addition to testing for pathogenic bacteria, the DWS Water Test also includes testing for essential elements, heavy metals, inorganic chemicals, volatile organic compounds, PCBs and pesticides—contaminants such as nitrates, lead, mercury, MTBE, arsenic, benzene, THMs, DDT, and many more.


We test for at least 225 targeted contaminants


…If the volatile organic testing performed on our mass spectrometer identifies the spectra of what are called ‘non-targeted’ compounds, we then conduct a search for the next 50 un-targeted compounds if they are present. We do this by matching the non-targeted spectra against a database of about 250,000 compounds published by the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST)2.

That means our DWS Well Water Test evaluates your drinking water for at least 229 targeted contaminants PLUS a library search, if warranted, for up to 50 additional non-targeted contaminants…

All from one cost-effective water test.

To see the list of Contaminants we test for, click the button below…






The main difference between our mail-order testing service and State or County certified testing is that the latter  requires laboratory qualified personnel physically collect the sample from the source being tested. That’s it!

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If you need a certified lab to perform your testing either because it is required for the sale of a house or because it is for other legal reasons, you need to have your water tested by a lab that is certified in your state or jurisdiction. Drinking Water Specialists ONLY performs Informational testing (read more here).


Order Your DWS Well Water Test TODAY!

DWS Well Water Test—You Test for Pathogenic Bacteria, Our Lab Tests for Everything Else.


Why Do We Have  You Test for Pathogenic Bacteria? Click the Button to Read “Why”

Bacteria Water Test

  • Our lab tests for everything except bacteria—YOU test for pathogenic bacteria. 
  • We ship you everything you need to have us test your water for all of the other parameters:
    • water vials for you fill,
    • complete instructions,
    • information form for you to fill out,
    • return packaging, and
    • a pre-paid USPS shipping label.
  • Once your water test kit arrives at our lab, we will normally email your water test results in about 15 business days.
  • We also send you an information sheet that tells you what you need to do if certain parameters we have tested are at higher levels than they should be.
  • If after receiving your report and you still have questions, we are here to help you in any way we can.

This test is only $209 including shipping both ways1

Order Water Test Kit—Version 2

1 Shipping only included for continental U.S.; if outside the continental U.S. please inquire about additional cost.

 Truth in Advertising

If the volatile organic testing performed on our mass spectrometer identifies the presence of what are called ‘non-targeted’ compounds, we then conduct a search for these compounds. We do this by matching the non-targeted compounds against a database of over 250,000 compounds published by the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST).

Think of this as a ‘facial recognition’ search where the shape of un-targeted compounds found by the mass spectrometer are compared to those in the library.

That means our DWS City Water Test evaluates your drinking water for at least 228 targeted contaminants PLUS a library search, if warranted, for additional non-targeted contaminants.

To be perfectly honest, we very rarely find any non-targeted compounds that warrant a search. That’s why we DO NOT add any of these ‘ghost’ parameters to our total parameter count of 228.

Don’t be fooled by water testing labs that ‘pump up’ the total count of parameters they say they test for by including some arbitrary number of these non-targeted compounds. For instance, say they advertise that they target 268 parameters plus up to 20 non-targeted compounds—they will claim that they test for a total of 288 parameters. We don’t believe this higher number is ‘truth in advertising’ because they never find any of these—and if they do, there will only a couple. Yet, they make you believe they test for all 288. It kind of makes you wonder where else they are stretching the truth…

…And if the price is too good to be true, it probably is. Some online water testing companies are saying they can do tests similar to ours for less than $150. If they are really using EPA testing methods, they are either losing money on each test, or they are not telling you the truth.

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If you decide you do not want to have your water tested and wish to return the test kit, unopened, within the first 30 days of ordering the test kit, we will refund your purchase price, less a 10% restocking fee.