Ellendale, Del. Well Owners Need Help

Polluted Well Water Since 2009, the residents of Ellendale, Delaware have  had to deal with contaminated water. It’s really odd that the best the Delaware environmental and public health officials can do is hold a ‘workshop’ on the current state of affairs.

I know that well owners are pretty much on their own when it comes to the quality of their drinking water.  this article does not say whether or not they are working to clean up the cause(s) of the contaminants such as MTBE and benzene.

If I lived in Ellendale and if I owned a well, I would get a professional lab to test my water. Based on the results, I would then get the appropriate treatment to overcome any contaminants that may be in my well water.

I would also take the preventative measure of sanitizing my well.

I would do both of these things on an annual basis. The original water test should be saved as a baseline against which you can compare the follow-on tests. This will tell you if the level of certain contaminants are either going down or going up. If you want, you can share this information with your local health officials. Hopefully, they can take steps to track down the source of the problem.

I would also encourage my neighbors to do the same. The more datapoints that can be collect the better.

You can read the complete article here.

Learn more about water testing and sanitizing a well.


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