Even Your Pets Need Safe Drinking Water

Most of us really never think about the water we give to our dogs and cats. But, what you may not know is that your pets may be even more sensitive to the quality of their drinking water than you are. healthy water for dogs and cats

Our lab director and I were talking about this recently and it was an eye opener for me. He said that he’s had customers come to him over the years because their vets cannot pinpoint why their pet is not feeling well. As a near last resort, they ask the owners to have their drinking water get a comprehensive test. It’s amazing how often there is some parameter that is at a higher level than normal. Once the appropriate treatment is put into place, usually a water filter, their pet no longer has a problem.

I went searching for an article that talks about this important topic. I found on that focuses on why cats need the ‘right’ drinking water. If you have a pet, I encourage you to read this brief article. I think it will prompt you to have your drinking water tested for your pet’s sake–it may even be good for you.

Water Water Everywhere, but What’s a Cat to Drink?

Our Bang-for-the-Buck Essential Indicators Water Test is perfect for finding out just how safe your drinking water is for you and for you pet(s). You can learn more about it here.

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