Nitrate warning

While this article in the Columbus Dispatch is about high nitrate levels found in a municipal water plant in Columbus, OH, well owners should take note.

As the article states, “Nitrates can interfere with how an infant’s body delivers oxygen because infants’ stomachs and livers are not fully developed…Nitrates can also interfere with how oxygen is circulated in pregnant women. And people who take medications that react poorly with nitrates could see their blood pressure drop.”

The article also says that, “People who take medicine that does not interact well with nitrates, including Viagra, also should avoid the water, health officials say.”

Nitrate is one of the primary contaminants that the EPA says well owners should test for, ideally on an annual basis. It’s part of the preventative maintenance we encourage well owners to do that includes an essential indicators water test and well water sanitizing.

You can read the original article at The Columbus Dispatch

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