Now You Have Your Water Test Report, What’s Next?

Once you get your water test results you’re able to see if you have a problem with your drinking water or not.

If you have an issue or two, the next step is to find the right treatment to reduce or eliminate the issue or issues.

For most people this is where things get confusing. The primary problem we hear from our customers is that they don’t know who they can trust to recommend the right solution at the right price.

We can help you with this step.

Before I get to the details, let me give you some background…

Several years ago we were approached by a company that has a comprehensive line of water treatment systems—from whole house systems to point-of-use under-the-counter units. This company is called Environment Water Systems (EWS). All of their products are manufactured in the United States.

They do not sell directly to the homeowner. Rather they sell through local businesses like kitchen and bath stores. But, they take an active role in making sure these dealers are recommending the right treatment system for each customer, especially those whose drinking water comes from a well.

Why the focus on well owners?

It’s primarily because well water can contain pathogenic bacteria, like e-Coli, that, if present, can cause health problems. There is also another type of bacteria that, while not harmful to our health, can build up slime in treatment systems, water pipes and water fixtures. Some forms of this bacteria can cause the water to smell  funny, like rotten eggs.

EWS insists that their resellers who are working with a well owners, have their water tested for several contaminants including both pathogenic and ‘slime-forming’ bacteria. And, EWS insists on getting a copy of the water test directly from the water testing lab.

EWS and Drinking Water Specialists Synergy

Anyway, they were looking for a water testing lab that was experienced in performing a comprehensive water test through the mail. They also wanted to work with a lab that caters directly to the homeowners, not builders, plumbers, i.e., the professionals .

We worked them to tailor a water test that met their needs. We have been working with EWS ever since and have grown to admire how run their business in a way that truly puts the homeowner’s needs front and center.

It’s important to note that we do not reimburse EWS or their dealers for recommending our water testing lab to the homeowner. They want to have a completely independent lab test the water so that there isn’t any sense of ‘collusion’ between the lab and the solution provider.

Our Customers Turned to Us for a Solution Recommendation

Over the years, when asked by our customers who don’t come through EWS, to recommend a company that can they can trust to solve their drinking water problems, we have pointed them to EWS. We just like the way they do business.

After being urged by many of our customers who wanted to buy from someone they had grown to trust, we decided to resell the EWS water treatment solutions. Of course, the homeowner has our water test report and is free to look for a local company who sells the EWS treatment systems.

The First Step in Finding the Right Treatment Solution

EWS has put together a very nice Product Selector tool that walks you through a ‘decision tree’ to help you decide the best treatment system to consider for your specific situation. You can even call them and discuss your water test results to get their expert advice. From there, you can either come back to us or contact a local dealer if you decide to go forward with an EWS product.


If you decide to get an EWS solution through us, just call me directly at 978.800.4200 and I’ll work with you.

Mike Beek, Partner