Welcome to our Drinking Water Blog!

We have launched our new business and web site, Drinking Water Specialists, LLC. It’s been a longer process than we thought it would be, but we are finally here.

Our goal it help all people who are concerned about the quality of their drinking water have a resource they can go to for straight  and honest answers and advice. The only agenda we are pushing is for our visitors to take control of managing the quality of their drinking water, whether they have a well as the source for their water, or they are on  municipal water.

We hope you are one of these concerned homeowners.

We encourage our visitors to leave comments as well as ask questions that not only can help them, but can also help others.

We will mix up the posts to include our own thoughts and rants as well as point you to articles and other external resources we think can help you.

Here’s to healthy drinking water!

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