WELL Building Standard Water Test

“The WELL Building Standard® is an evidence-based system for measuring, certifying and monitoring the performance of building features that impact health and well-being. WELL is administered by the International WELL Building Institute™ (IWBI), a public benefit corporation whose mission is to improve human health and well-being through the built environment. WELL is third-party certified by Green Business Certification Inc. (GBCI), which administers LEED certification and LEED professional credentialing.”  —International WELL Building Institute

Delos Living LLC developed the Standard for drinking water. Below is a summary of the Intent, the Health Impact, and the Optimal Water Condition behind the development of this Standard:


As part of this Standard is the requirement to test the drinking water in buildings for a list of 32 specific parameters. This does two important things:

  • It identifies any parameters that are above the maximum contaminant level.
  • It then enables the proper treatment system to be installed for treating any high-level contaminants.

Sample Report V1     Sample Report V2

We worked with Delos Living to develop an in-laboratory water test that meets the requirements of the Standard.

When you order this test, we ship a box for each test ordered that contains the necessary bottles and vials to be filled with the source water along with easy-to-follow instructions. The water samples are then put back into the box and returned to our lab.

Once the test kit is received in our lab, it normally takes between 6 and 10 business days to complete the testing and email the report to you.

The cost per test is only $299 including shipping both ways*.

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If you need the Version 2 test which adds cadmium and chromium (total) to the list of parameters being tested, then use the Add To Cart button below:

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Shipping only included for continental U.S.; if outside the continental U.S. please inquire about additional cost.