Wisconsin Well Owners Urged to Sanitize Their Well

FLASH!!  From the online edition of the LaCrosse Tribune, http://bit.ly/1jtA7Pp

All Well Owners, not just those in Wisconsin, need to read this…

With Spring here, some areas are prone to flooding due to snow melt, rain, and the frozen ground thawing. For most of us, it mean flowers beginning to bloom and birds are singing.

But, for well owners, it could mean that your well water may no longer be safe for household use such as drinking, washing, and bathing.  

Chlorinate your well

Springtime is the best time to treat your well

That’s because all that extra water could be bringing unhealthy contaminants such as bacteria into your well  and contaminating the water.

Here’s where we agree…

That’s why the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources‘ private water section chief, Liesa Lehmann, issued the following statement, “Now is the time of year for well owners to watch for signs of flooding and to notice any change in the color, smell or taste of their drinking water.”

The article went on to urge well owners, especially those in flood-prone areas or those who notice changes in their well water, to sanitize their wells. We wholeheartedly support this recommendation.

Here’s where we disagree…


The state says that, “Disinfection and sampling is best done by a licensed well driller or pump installer.

We don’t necessarily agree with this. Our experience over many years tells us that these ‘professionals’ don’t understand the science behind sanitizing a well. We have been called in many times to test the well water after it has been disinfected by an “expert” and have found high levels of pathogenic bacteria.

This led us to put together a video that gives well owners the why and how behind chlorinating a well. We urge you to view it. You can get access to it by filling out the form on the right Sign up for "Why Chlorinate Your Well" video

 To help well owners disinfect their well the right way and save hundreds of dollars, we have developed a fool-proof well chlorination kit. We call it the “Well Water Wellness Kit”.  It contains everything you need, except for a mixing bucket and stirrer, including a link to an online video that shows you the easy step-by-step process, test strips for testing the level of chlorine after treatment, bacteria tests, the chlorination medium, and written instructions.

You can learn more about the “Well Water Wellness Kit” at drinkingwaterspecialists.com/well-water-wellness-kit/

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