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“Chlorinating Your Well—The Why & How Behind Well Chlorination” 

Attention Well Owners!!

How to Make Sure Your Well Water is Safe

If you are like the hundreds of well owners we have talked to, you probably only pay attention to your well when you see or smell something ‘unusual’ in your water.

But that’s not the biggest problem you need to know about…

…the biggest problem is a potential silent KILLER


You need to control the level of pathogens, or bad bacteria, coming from your well and leaching into your household water. The way you do this is actually very simple, but most homeowners either don’t pay attention to it at all or, if they do, they don’t do it right. Even most ‘professionals’ who treat wells for these pathogens do not do it right.

We have put together a FREE video that lays out the story behind why it’s important to treat your well and the right way to do it

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A 'must see' video for well owners...

Chlorinating Your Well

The 'Why and How' behind Chlorination

If you own a well and use the water for drinking, bathing and/or cooking, you MUST watch this video NOW. Protect you and your family from the most harmful contaminate that may be in your well water.

Bookmark this page. After you view the video, if you want to assure yourself that you and your family are getting safe drinking water from your well, come back here and order your Well Water Wellness Kit. 

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