Wyoming Commission Considering Publishing Baseline Water Test

This is exactly what we think anyone who lives near a drilling area, whether it’s for gas or oil, should do.

Wyoming Water Testing

DAN CEPEDA | Star-Tribune file


Because having the water tested before drilling begins establishes a baseline for the possible contaminants that may enter the water supply. Whether it’s a public water supply or a well on the homeowner’s property, this makes a lot of sense.

By establishing a baseline followed by periodic testing, it’s then possible to track the levels of the contaminants being tested. That way if a specific contaminant is showing an increasing level in the water, this can be brought to the attention of the local authorities who can work with the drilling company to resolve the issue.

A homeowner who owns a well can install a treatment device to filter out the specific contaminant while the local authorities resolve the problem.

Here’s the link to the original article we found in the Wyoming Star Tribune’s web site, trib.com.

A really good water test for this purpose is our ‘Bang for the Buck’ Essential Indicators Water Test.


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